cara penggunaan multitester..

Learn how to use a multitester

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How to use a multitester

What is a multitester: A multitester is a tool that can be use to check resistance, continuity, and voltage in electrical components.

These meters come in digital or analog. Analogs been the cheaper in price and the digitals been the more accurate.

Why do I need a multitester: Most of the washer or dryer switches are seal and you won’t be able to see inside, so the only way to know if the contacts are close or open is with a multitester.

How I check resistance or continuity: To check for resistance or continuity you will need to set the multitester to red ohms. You will check for resistance in a heating elements, motor windings, and solenoids. You will check for continuity on switches, thermostats, thermal fuses, house fuses, etc.

How I check for voltage: To check for for voltage you need to set the multitester in to AC volts. My multitester has 3 settings 15 volts, 150 volts, and 1000 volts.

Why I do need different scales: If you are checking an appliance that runs on 120 volts, then you can use the 150 scale. If you are checking an electric dryer that use 240 volts for the heating element, then you need to move the scale to higher that the voltage you are reading, in this case you need to set it to 1000 volts.

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  1. i’ts very good, tapi ngapain bahasa inggris… jadi ndak ada yang mau lihat nich… ubah dulu dong ke indo

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