The Theather

Another scribble is here! I am making this short-not-continued-story on 2007. It should be one of the stories I made for school magazine, but I decided to submit another ‘sweet’ story. Well, happy reading! And please, don’t be such a grammar nazis hehehe~

Me and my friend, Linda, are going to the Cinema. We decide to go with train. My friends wait me in front of the train station. However, I come late at that time. Therefore, I run to the train station and quickly enter the front station. I think my friend is angry to me, but actually, she is late too. Then, I search the locket to buy the ticket. When I ask the ticket seller, she said the ticket was fully sold. I see her face. Her face tells me that she is very disappointed.

“Oh, Linda! I am so sorry… If I didn’t come late, it won’t be happen.”

“No, it didn’t just your fault. I came late too. We are late together! Just wait at the next train, OK?”

“Yeah… We can do that… However… Oh, I feel bad. I’m so sorry…”

“Rena… I always forgive you. Do not too think about that. Now, sit down… And just relax.”

She put me on the bench and leaves me to buy some drinks. Inside my heart, I feel very bad. I had never made her disappointed. Suddenly a man comes to me.


“No. With friends.”

“You look upset, what’s wrong?”

“That’s not your problem.”

“Hey don’t be angry to me. I just ask.”

“By the way, what are you doing here? Do you didn’t have anything to do?”

“No. I have a lot of things to do.”

“So? What are you doing here?”


I really want to fall of.

“Hey, who’s that?” ask Linda with two soft drink in her hand.

“Oh, I forget. My name is Ryan.” Said the man.

“Hi Ryan. I’m Linda.”

“I’m Rena.”

“Do you have ever met before?” ask Linda.


Ryan and I answer together.

“Hum…” said Linda.


“Oh, Ok. Just nothing. Here is your soft drink, Rena. But, Ryan, I’m so sorry; I didn’t buy any drinks for you.”

“No problem.”

“Hey, what time it is now?” said me.

“Half past eight.” Answer Ryan.

“Ah… I check the train schedule. I’ll be back.”

I leave Linda with Ryan. When I see the schedule, the next train is on nine o’clock. I feel relax now. I will not disappoint Linda again.

“Linda. Guess!”

“Guess what?”

“I have news for you.”



“Oh, no. Not now, Rena.”

“What? It is very simple. Just guess.”

“Me! Me! Let me guess it!” scream Ryan.

“Hey, who are you?” ask me.

“Me? You don’t know me?” said Ryan.

“No. I mean, you are not my best friend, right?”


“It just for my best friend. So, Linda. Guess it.”

“Rena, please just tell me. I’m not in mood to play puzzle.”

“No, it’s not about mood, it’s about our plan!”

“Plan? What plan?”

“We will go to the Cinema!”

“What? OH MY GOD!” scream Linda. “So, where is the train?”

“Hey, we must buy the ticket.”

“Oh, I will, I will.” Said Linda.

Linda runs to the locket. I am feeling better now, seeing her smile make me happy.

“Where Cinema does you want to go?”



For a moment, there is no sound between Ryan and me. Suddenly, a feeling comes to me. Feeling that I cannot leave Ryan here alone or maybe with his friends, but not with Linda or me. The point is; I cannot leave Ryan here.

“Ryan, do you have any time? Any extra time?”

“For what?”


I stopped.

“For going with you and Linda to the Cinema?” said Ryan.

“Eng… Yeah… Yeah, that’s what I mean…”

“Absolutely yes! Why not? I’m a movie freakier too.”

“Really? How happy am I! Thanks a lot.”

He smiles at me. Nice smile.

“I got the ticket!” scream Linda at my ear.

“OK. But, I think we need to buy one ticket again.” I said.

“For who?”

“Ryan will go with us.”

“You do? Good. Thanks to go with us.”

“No problem. I’ll buy my ticket.” Said Ryan.

“OK. We’ll wait here.”

Now, I am feeling good. I will not disappoint Linda again, and I have someone to go with Linda and me, he is Ryan.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. Oh, that is my boyfriend, Josh.

“Hi, Babe. It is me. How’s your life, darling?”

“Uh, silly.”

“Hey, are you still angry with me?”

“I’m fed up with you!”

“Hey, don’t scream like that, Rena.” Said Linda wisely.

“I’m so fed up with you! I cannot take it anymore! There are many promises you give to me, but NONE can be! So, don’t be angry to me if now, I’m backstreet!” scream me.

“No, no, no, honey… Honest please… I am so sorry if I cannot with you now. It’s because my job…”

“Job? Dating with client and playing golf? You say that a job?”

“There’s just a little, honey. Behind that, there is a big responsibility that I have. Come on babe, do not be backstreet. Don’t disappointing me.”

“You are disappointing me.”

“Uh… You broke me down.” Said Josh.

“I’m really wanted to do that.”

“Rena, the train was coming. Come on, honey!” said Linda.

“Hey, is that Linda?” ask Josh.

“Yeah. And she’s my backstreet!”

I push the “End Call” button and run to the train.

* * *

Rena, my girlfriend, is an emotional person. Nevertheless, she is so attractive that none can ignore it. We have been met each other from eleven months ago. Moreover, June 15 is our year anniversary. I have been ready to give her a big surprised. I cannot take a long time to wait until that day.

“Josh, are you ready with your presentation?” ask my boss.

“Give me a second, boss. I’ll be ready.”

Rena and I have five interval ages. Rena is still on college, while I am ready on a successful job, in advertisement. With this job, surely I do not have a long to meet each other. Long distance love like this was fully risk. However, if we keep in believe each other, I am surely we can get through the distance.

* * *

“Are you still angry with Josh?” ask Linda on the train.

“Not again. I release it up.”

“Who is Josh?” ask Ryan.

“My boyfriend.” Said me.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Said Ryan.


“You’re so attractive, Rena. And, I…”

“Don’t you say you fall in love with me?”

“I’m sorry…”

I am shocked, so did Linda.

“You… How can you do that?”

“You know “Love at the first sight”, don’t you?”

“So… So… What happens?”

“That’s me.”

I cannot say anything. Now, I am really-really surprised.

* * *

Rena think, my job is only as she said. However, she does not know many things. Make advertise that anybody can enjoy it, which is my big responsibility to client. Now, I am on meeting for our new target. It is about to make advertise to root beer company. The problem was the root beer brand is not a famous brand. Everybody explain his idea, but the client does not really interest with the idea.

“Josh, what about you?”

OK, it is my turn to explain my idea.

“Ladies and Gentleman, my idea is like a story-telling advertisement. The story was like this. There is a man, and the woman who is a friend for long time ago and losing touch. Then, they met on a theater. They buy a same root beer, this root beer, and they try to remember each other. The girl remembers the person because the person offers a mochachino flavor. On the other hand, the people remember the girl because the girl offers a strawberry flavor. On the theater studio, unfortunately the guy and the girl sit on the same way and finally known each other.”

“Good. I’m interested.” Said the Company.

“Really?” said me.

“But I doubt people understand the story. So, can you make a simple video to us about your story?”

“Certainly sir.” Said me happily.

“Um… Do you want to hear another idea?” ask my boss.

“Absolutely! Please…”

* * *

Here we are, Cinemavaganza Theater. I am fully thanked to god I can see this building again. Just for eleven months, I cannot go to this theater. This is the time I met Josh once, when I finally falling love with him. Oh, I miss you Josh. I really cannot take this feeling. I really want to run to his office and pull him up above his job. If I can do that, I will not angry to him again, even he cannot take his promise anymore.

“Rena, what are you doing there? Come on, let’s go.” Said Linda.

“OK. Wait me up a second.”

Oh, Josh, come to me please, only today… Only this time… Now…

* * *

“So Ladies and Gentleman, that’s our idea. We will wait for your decision. We hope we can do the best to pick attention for audience. Thank you.” Said my boss closing the meeting.

Oh, finally. The meeting was over. I can get a rest now. It is lunchtime. I was so starving. Therefore, I go out first and walk quickly to the lift. Suddenly, I heard a voice.

“Josh! Wait me!”

“Oh, Cindy. How’s your life?”

“I think is better than you…”

“What? What happen?”

“Rena… Rena got an accident…”

* * *

“Rena… Wake up… Rena… It is me… Rena…” I cried beside her.

“Linda… Stay calm… Rena will be alright…” said Ryan.

“No, I love her… I will not be calm if my best friend laid unconsciousness like this. Oh, Rena… Please wake up…”

Rena, my very best friend I have ever met before. Even she is an emotional person and easily forgets his plan; she was very loyal to all her friends. With Josh, she was like sister to brother. They were a very good couple, even Rena often tells me she really miss her boyfriend and really want to meet each other. Cinemavaganza Theater is the place she met Josh, and she really want to repeat the moment she met her soul mate. I never thought that Rena got an accident in front of her beloved building, hit for a sucks car and jump for over a hundred meters. And another sucks thing is, the car let Rena laid over the street with no sympathetic. How fuck and sucks driver them!!

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. It’s from Josh.

“Josh! Where are you! I have been waiting for you!”

“Where are you now?” ask Josh.

“We are on the way to go to Health Center Hospital on Youth Street. The hospital was beside the Extras Gas Station.”

“Youth Street? Extras Gas Station? It’s near Cinemavaganza Theater! Why Rena come to that place with you?”

“Oh, let me tell the story later. Now, you get quick to the hospital because I’m arrive on the hospital now, OK?”

* * *

“Josh! Where will you go?” ask my friend, Mike.

“To the hospital. Rena got an accident.”

“Rena? Your girlfriend? How come?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Are you serious?”

“Mike, please, don’t ask me. But, can you help me a little bit?”

“Of course! How can I help you?”

“Tell to my boss what happen to me because now I’m in hurry.”

Oh Rena, why did this happen? My brain can’t stop thinking about you. Your laugh, your cried, your love, and your life. Until I don’t realize my tears fall off.

In Hospital…

“Doctor! Doctor! What happen to Rena?” ask Linda quickly.

“Until now, she’s still in coma. There are some bones crack and broken, but it isn’t serious.”

“Is there something I can help?” ask me.

“Nothing for now.” Said the doctor. Than he leave me and Linda and someone unknown.

“Stay calm, Linda. Rena will be OK.” Said the man.

“Hey, who are you?” ask me.

“Oh, I forget. Josh, this is Ryan. Ryan, this is Josh.”

“Hi.” Said Ryan.

“Nice to meet you. Linda, can you explain what happen to Rena before? Until she was hit by car?”

Then, I know everything about Rena. About her feeling, about her memories in the Theater…

Suddenly, everything was black.



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