deep disappointed

[jangan keburu horor ama judulnya, ini juga bakal OOT belakang-belakangnya :]

hemm, gimana cara nulis awalnya ya? gue gak punya intro yang bagus untuk post yang ini karena kalo nginget cerita yang akan gue ceritakan pun gue uda keburu enek duluan. jadi, lebih baik kita langsung aja cerita yee.. this is the folks.

once upon a time, there was a mysterious person named Langit. he turned into a girl’s life named raachaan, and by the time they were become closer and closer. they make a very unconditional link between them, and it consists for several months. no-one know this little secrets until one person found them went home together. luckily, it was happening at the end of second semester, before they were separated in different kind of class. but, this separation make the link vanished, and they were slowly not being communicated again. they used too sending electronic message all over the time, filling their time discussing unusual things and fulfill each knowledge with debating and so on, but now they were hard to meet each other. one of them were very busy with the school organization, and others were busy to control her lesson that become harder and harder every time.

[gunakan google translate jika anda merasa pusing membaca teks diatas. saya tidak bisa menulis dengan bahasa indonesia karena hanya membuat sesuatu semakin buruk -,-]

the next situation, they were changed into a person that just-like-never-ever-meet-before. they were quiet, blinking to each other with no respect, and even ignore to meet others. but, Langit never knows that the girl had turned their link into a special link. the girl was in love with him. the girl always wondering when they were meet again in one moment, when she can rewind all of the special memory that the girl and Langit had made. but, the moment never come. day by day the girl wait the moment, but it only make the things even harder. the girl was a complicated person, it even hard to understand what her brain thoughts about everything. so, with a very great patience, the girl wait and see the moments he always dreamed of.

unfortunately, a very good news come when the girl’s best friend invited her to join her little birthday party. when the date comes, the girl’s best friend said that he also invite Langit. a little hope come to the girl, that maybe she can meet Langit and talk for some time. but, the girl had to attend a meeting before, so the girl best friends and all guests wait her. later, the girl saw Langit passed on. she was very happy to see it. and finally, the meetings over and all people were discussing about how to go to the party. a friend suggest that the girl went along with Langit, so it will be easier. Langit said ‘dunno’ at the first. the girl, with a very deep hope, ask again:

‘will us went along to her party?’

the girl had dreamed it off, and she can’t imagine how it will become real. but now, she realize, it only one step to rewind her special memory. to express how the girl have missed Langit so much.

but then Langit said no.

a big no.

even when the girl ask once again, he still said no.

the girl feel that she had just been knocked by a big stone in her head, her ear, and her mouth.

she didn’t said anything for a while, but then she said ‘ok’ and join her friend that will went to the party with a public transportation.

the party was nice, and she was happy with all of that. but, when she were alone, she still hear a big no and also the expression of Langit that make her very sad.

she still remember everything. she can’t forget anything.

but then, she realized, may be it’s the time to forget Langit.

forget a mysterious person that have fulfilled her life for a while, with surprise and a unique comfortable feeling. forget a person that gave her a hope, dream, and spirit to continue everything even in a very deep problem. forget the person she had loved and missed for a long time.

the girl want to blame herself, but she know it will only result another problem.

she was instable right now.

err, mungkin cukup dulu folks hari ini. karena the girl masih belum menentukan apa-apa untuk mengubah unstable-nya dia selain bercerita di sini dan mengumbar semua rasa sakitnya karena Langit. hemm, the girl juga belum menentukan bagaimana nasib blog ini yang bertemakan “aku dan Langit”. semua butuh waktu.

meski waktu datang, dan berlalu sampai kau tiada bertahan
semua takkan mampu mengubahku
hanyalah kau yang ada di relungku

hanyalah dirimu, mampu membuatku jatuh dan mencinta
kau bukan hanya sekedar indah,
kau tak akan terganti.



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