have you ever think what will you do when you finished the college? after you graduated and have the ‘toga’ things in your head, then what will you do next? you finished studying at class, you will no longer hear the teacher talking in front off you, you will not get any angry teachers when you didn’t finished your task, and literally, you complete all kinds of school terms. then, what will you do?

search for a job. yes. and then you will prepared for the CVs, experiment, job interview, even you imagine about the salary. you tried to have a good job: being a staff and promoted to be a manager. then at no longer times you will control the entire company with all its branches. and you will be succeed, rich, also having a glamour and metropolitan life.

it was everybody dreams, isn’t it?

but what will you do if you get the contrary? you can’t find any job, you try to find any but no one have. you stayed at home, while others having fun with their office’s friends. you are very embarrassed even when you meet your relatives and family. you still ask for your parent’s money while others pay with their own.  how do you feel? sad? irritated? angry? mad? jealous? envy?

someone told me it feels like someone throws sh*t in front of your face.

but how the people who had a job see another people who had not find any job yet?

most of them will underestimate the unlucky people.

and how do you feel if the unlucky people that being underestimate by other people is your father?

for me, I will throw the same sh*t they had thrown before to their face.

being unemployment, in Indonesia, is deeply irritating. Indonesia has not overcome this problem yet, so they were million of people range in productive age entitled this. but in fact, the society itself sometimes make the condition even worse. they didn’t support the unemployment people, but they underestimate them. the society knows they can’t make any hope for the government; so why don’t they try to make one? why don’t they try to make a business workspace so they can hire the unemployment? if they were just a staff, why don’t they help by search for any vacant in their offices, so they can give any information to others?

if they can’t afford any of those suggestion I told, why don’t they try to stop underestimate the unemployment?

unemployment people are just unlucky people. they have capabilities, modals, spirit to struggle, they only don’t have any chances. they were just like you, in fact they were part of you: part of people that need money to live their life, and of course part of our society.

so please, don’t underestimate the unemployment.

and for the truth, please, don’t underestimate my father. even he was just an unemployment, you never know what my father did before he lost his job.

without my father, I won’t be here to write this awkward things.


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