I can’t even imagine to lose you

I can’t imagine what might be happen when I lose you. I may be cry, till I can’t breath at all. I may be hurt myself, because I didn’t take care of you and didn’t notice the dream I’ve dreamed. I may be lost control, or even lost my consciousness. I may be freak. Or may be crazy.

But I also don’t know what should I do when I get this dream. Should I call you? Should I text you right away? But how I explain to you about this crazy things like this dream? It really freaked me out. Sigh.

And now I’m sick. Tired of these things, the due date that really stressed me out, the score that really make me lost of hope, and the possibility that I’ll get with the “invitation” things. I am tired.

And finally, this is one I can do. Write this things. Even you may not see this, it really doesn’t matter. What I need is to be listened. No matter with whom I am talked to, or how I am getting out these shit.

For all this sucked things, I just want to tell you I can’t even imagine to lost you.

Even you just my junior, and we only a close friend.

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